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2 Year SIM - 250 mins, 250 SMS & 2GB data every month for 24 months. One-off charge.

Get 250 mins, 250 SMS plus 2GBMB of data every month for 24 months for a one-off charge of £50. Existing customers will have this bundle added to their account, new customers will be sent a new SIM to their delivery address.
Include EU Roaming to all 27 EU Countries for £10.
Bundle code: ukrwg24
If roaming included Bundle code: ukrwg25
RWG Mobile number (if requesting a new SIM leave blank):
Choose EU Roaming!:

Product description

Our 2 Year SIM gives you 250 mins, 250 SMS plus a data allowance of 2GB each month for 24 months for a single price. This can be renewed after 24 months.
Bundle code: ukrwg24
If roaming included Bundle code: ukrwg25

Customer reviews

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  • I get over 4 hours of voice phone calls per month, I never use anywhere near that. I get 250 SMS text messages per month, who sent text messages anymore, so I don't use anywhere near the 250 monthly allowance. 2Gb of data per month is enough for me because everywhere I go they have free WiFi (use VPN) and I've got WiFi at home so 2 gig monthly is fine. I pay the extra £10 for EU coverage, that's well worth it because when I was in Spain I called home several times for long calls and that was included in my allowance. I used a small amount of data in Spain because the hotel had free WiFi and used with my Proton VPN again that was fine. What did all this cost me for 2 years ? £50, that's NOT £50 a month like my mates pay, that's £50 for TWO YEARS, it's a no brainer lol.
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